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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rihanna Sex Tape Vicosetti

Rihanna Sex Tape Vicosetti (A Guy from Highschool).Watch here the sextape with Rihanna Released Today on the internet
Celebrities must suspect there's around a 50/50 chance that whenever they making a sex tape it's going to find its way onto the internet. Surely they must think 'Do you know what John Leslie? I think I'll just try and remember what happens this time. Let's not film it, eh? After all, I intend to have a glittering career in the pantomime industry once we've mopped up here'. But no, they don't. Which is wonderful news for jaded teenage boys who, without the thrill of watching a famous person doing sex, would otherwise have to masturbate to increasingly graphic and violent internet pornography. If anything, Jordan could be said to have contributed more to world peace than that show-off Ghandi. However, public welfare aside, it can still be very upsetting for a famous person to know that at all times during the day there are amateur gynaecologists across the globe examining their slippery parts, even if they mostly do sexy stuff simply to sell records. Like Rihanna, who apparently made a video of her and rapper J-Cole having relations, a video which is now in the hands of Hustler


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